Last three words

“Eleanor hadn’t written him a letter, it was a postcard. Just three words long”.  (325)

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I love you

The most common theory of the last three words of Eleanor and Park. It’s also the most positive and romantic ending for the novel.

Eleanor has never said I love you to Park once, so maybe she thought this was her chance to not mentally embarrass herself of what she thought may happen through a postcard.

I miss you

Similar to “I love you” but maybe more of way to let go of their romantic relationship and try to move on.

But different because you’re not admitting to your feelings, but I miss you is used mostly among friendship relationships.

So it’s possible Eleanor wants to still be friends with Park but find away to not advance in their romantic relationship.

These last three words may not be preferred, but Eleanor was never the type of girl to express her feelings openly.

I hate you

This message is very negative unless used in a sarcastic matter. Throughout the novel, Eleanor had a very sarcastic personality, so it would make sense she could say that to Park jokingly. 

Or maybe Eleanor just hates Park now as she moves on with her new life. 

I’m Han Solo

These last three words would also fit into the situation because it said on the last page “He sat up. He smiled. Something heavy and winged took off from his chest”. (325) So this message would probably have lifted Park’s spirit and made him laugh.

Maybe Star Wars could have been Eleanor and Park’s new connection with each other, if a sequel were to return.

Park just stop

The more negative way to look at how to the novel should end. Maybe Eleanor was trying to tell Park to move on or that she has already moved on.

But maybe Eleanor could be endangered by her uncle, only using her last three words to show that she’s in danger. But that theory is  saved for another blog. 

Nothing ever ends

The story Watchmen Eleanor read was probably well thought out and included purposely for Park to comprehend.

This theory is less common for the last three words, but should still be a theory since, it could have brightened up Park’s day knowing Eleanor read his comics. 

Bringing back memories of when they road the bus together to school.

Other Last “Three Words”

  • I’m coming back
  • Never forget me
  • Told You So
  • Leave Me Alone


What do you think are the last three words to Eleanor and Park?

Comment down below some theories of the last three words, you think I missed.

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