The entertainment business has made a huge impact on our society today. Influencing a variety of people who watch them.

With this influence on mind, the negative impacts on society is that many teenagers now choose to watch movies rather than spend the time reading a book.

Decreasing the percentage of the amount of people who actually enjoy and report reading.

Image via Pew Research Center

In fact, now our majority of populations lacks the joy of reading. Instead they choose to go on their phones for hours on these specific online platforms (e.g. YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)

Image via Pew Research Center

Besides, the percentage of teenagers who report reading is still less than 20%. In this new year of 2019, more and more people go on their devices onto social media.

Although, our generation has greatly evolved into a future with technology, many people don’t realize the negative risks it causes the young mind.

Balance is key when it comes to heading onto these online platforms.

It’s possible that the entertainment business realizes that and wants to lead future viewers to the right direction of gathering knowledge from reading. By using that note “Based on the novel…”

Image via Pew Research Center

I feel this is a theme to get society back into reading as they have missed out on a fantastic story just by watching it instead of experiencing it, by reading it.

Books are much more than just plain, old, stories, they have evolved to equip you with the perfect standards for life.

In fact, just watching the story play out in front of you is never the same feeling as reading it and putting yourself into the story’s world.


Or maybe the entertainment is running out of ideas that they just copy ideas from novels (since most people don’t read anymore anyway).


Now what do you think of this theory? Comment down below your thoughts.


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