The Ultimate BTS MV Theory

Has iBigHit have been planning BTS’s MVs from the start and been making connections between them or have we completely lost our minds. With all four known mini albums of Love Yourself out, there has been many theories. With that being said, in this site I have the Ultimate BTS theory.

Love Yourself contains four mini albums such as LY:Wonder起, LY:Her承, LY:Tear轉 and LY:Answer结. Each containing a different part of the whole phrase “起承轉结” meaning, from the beginning to the end.

If you rearranged each first letter of the album, Wonder, Her, Tear, Answer, it actually forms the word “what”. As in BTS’s Fire MV, the end scene read the words “Boy Meets What”


Jin has died from an event causing the remaining 6 members to suffer, affecting their lives in a harmful way. *Every time Jin changes his sweater/shirt, he time travels to try to save the other six members.

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Boy in luv video → Feb 11, 2014

Jin falls in love with a girl as well as the rest of the members. But Jin seems to be the only one to meet her again…

LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel → Aug 18, 2017

July 11th Seokjin by the train, sees a girl across who happens to drop her red diary.

June 14 Jungkook is in a wheelchair.

May 25 Yoongi playing piano, smoking, in which a girl takes his lighter writing “YK.”

June 5 Namjoon has a lollipop and helps a girl drop papers, playing with a hair tie.

June 18 Taehyung eating noodles, sees girl stealing, and he takes her bag and offers to pay.

May 31 Hoseok dancing, Jimin recording, a girl dances and she brings in a birthday cake for Hoseok.

I Need You → Apr 29, 2015

Jin’s death caused the other six members to suffer. Theories on how Jin died in the first place are complicated. Some say it’s because of the girl he met both in the Boy In Luv MV and in the Love Yourself Highlight Reel. Or maybe because he felt guilty about something within the BTS group.

Seokjin sits on his bed (maybe a death bed)

Jimin almost drowned himself in his bathtub

Jungkook almost got did get hit by a car

Yoongi sets his bed on fire

Taehyung kills his abusive father

Hoseok overdoses on drugs

Namjoon in the gas station

But Namjoon doesn’t seem to change occupation or roles among other MV’s, we’ve seen him multiple times as a gas station worker.

Prologue → Oct 1, 2015

Jin records all the fun memories the group has together. The prologue shows a bunch kids just having fun with no worries. Except Jin seems a little off, as he’s always in the background, just watching them. So I think that now Jin’s death has no going back, he had made the decision and he regrets it as he relives all the cherish moments the BTS group had together.

Run → Nov 29, 2015

All the members became very destructive of their actions. Ever since Jin’s death had occurred, the remaining BTS members started being careless of their daily actions.

Fire → May 1, 2016

After a while, the members just realize that they have to move on with their lives. But it doesn’t last long, as the people wearing black hoodies are the bad guys. More on the Black Hoodie Theory below. At 4:05, Taehyung is shown that he jumped into the crowd with black hoodies, representing that he is now evil. After his abusive father has died, he is feeling emotions of regret and guilt. The only way he can relieve himself of those feelings is to give into to the darkness.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears → Oct 9, 2016

In the Wings Short Film #6 MAMA, Hoseok is seen drugged and his has a close of his eyes all distorted. But actually if you take a close look it’s actually the same scene of Taehyung in Wings Short Film #2 Stigma. The symbol shown in Hoseok’s eye is Abraxas. The same pose the Taehyung is shown as, meaning Taehyung is Abraxas.

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In the dance everyone covers their mouth, but Taehyung covers his eyes. Eyes are like the gateway to our souls, so when Taehyung is shown covering both eyes, it means that he is untrustworthy, deceiving, and hiding the truth of himself. Jin is the good angel but when he sacrificed himself to save the others, he ended up causing even more chaos.

When the members gather for last supper all served an apple, which symbolizes a sin.

Seven Deadly Sins:

Each one of BTS’ seven members represent one of the seven deadly sins in the Blood Sweat and Tear MV.


Jungkook licks his finger and acts very sedusive and sexily throughout the whole video.


2:44 Shoots arrow at TaehyungJ-Hope represents the sin of wrath in minor ways when he grabs his fist forcefully at 2:46.

Rap Monster=gluttony

RM is shown multiple scenes of him drinking, eating, and smoking, so he’s having an over consumption of desired, selfish needs.


Suga doesn’t seem to do anything throughout the whole video. And this characteristic is much like the actual Yoongi in real life. By being lazy and always sitting around, Suga represents the sin of sloth. 


At the dinner table Jimin doesn’t share his apple at dinner table by taking it first, then eventually gets punished with a black cloth over his eyes while he is being entrapped. In the Japanese version of Blood Sweat and Tears, Jimin actually eats the apple 1:00, meaning he gave into the sin of greed.

V =Pride…Abraxas

2:12, 3:37 V is shown with a cloth-like, silk material over his head. This usually represents vanity similar to pride. He even smilies before jumping off balcony similar to the story of Icarus where his pride is greater than his knowledge of safety.

Jin=envy…Good Angel

(he too was a tempter…)

2:39 Jin looks back from the dinner table and 4:48 Jin looks back to the statue of the archangel, like in the story of Orpheus. Jin is letting his desire and temptation get to the best of him.

5:56 Jin looks at the vase with white lilies. White lilies symbolizes the soul, in for special events are mostly used for funerals as your innocence has been restored after your death.

Spring Day → February 12, 2017

As Jin kissed Abraxas (Taehyung), similar to when Demian kissed Sinclair, representing his sacrifice to save the other 6 members. But in doing so, he had to pay the price of death. Jin is shown multiple times that he is barefoot in the Spring Day MV. Jimin holds onto Jin’s shoes then later he ties them onto a tree branch.  Shoe tying is a phenomenon that can also be reworded as a shoe toss.

Which symbolizes the passing away of a special someone.

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Europhia → Apr 5, 2018

Jin creates a new reality “dream” where the other boys can be happy, but ultimately causes more suffering. What Jin doesn’t realize is that, for one person to happy, there must be another sacrificed or to end up in suffering. Jin 6:58 jumps into the ocean from the same spot V is shown to jump off from but suddenly turns into V.

9:55 in the prologue V jumps off onto the ocean. This shows that Jin, is trying to fix his mistake by recreating all the events that occured in the first place to cause the chaos, but doesn’t fix much.

Blood Sweat and Tears Japanese Version → May 9, 2017

Jin succeeded in creating a new alternate reality but it caused more chaos as the universe is shown more vibrant and color distorted. Also is seems that Jin is still caught up on the other universe as he is beating up Taehyung 2:00, thinking that he might still be Abraxas. But since the reality is too much to take in with it’s changes, it starts to break and destroy itself.

Until the end scene shows RM still as a gas station worker, as if he doesn’t get affected but the changes being made. The exact set from the I Need U MV, so Jin seems to have reset the universe back in place back to the beginning.

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Black Hoodie Theory


Yoongi shook hands with Black Hoodie exchanging his Youth 0:50.

Taehyung gave in and joined them jumped into the crowd or Black Hoodies at 4:05. Now we know that Taehyung has killed his abusive father in the I Need U MV, so with all these feelings of regret and guilt. It’s no wonder why Taehyung gave in. He is  obviously dealing with some mental problems due to the event that damages his conscious to think properly into his actions. Which makes him very careless. This event causes Taehyung more darkness and evil than he’ll ever imagine.

Blood Sweat and Tears

Taehyung become Abraxas.

Not Today

Suga regretted his decision wanting his Youth back. Now all Black Hoodies are chasing them. Jungkook couldn’t deal with it anymore so he shot all of them.

First it shows all 7 members running away from something which we later find out are the “bad guys” in black hoodies. But near the end of the video, we see that the members have been shot and it transitions into a close of Jungkook’s eyes. Yet if you look really close, you see that it was Jungkook that shot the 6 other members which is why in the lyrics he recites “point, aim, and shoot”.

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Spring Day

Jungkook couldn’t believe he killed everyone else.

Everytime that Jungkook sees the other 6 members he always seen in shock (cause he killed them all).

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Comeback Fake Love

Taehyung is shown as the first one to put on the black hoodie. As he was the first to give in the black hoodies and become a part of the darkness.

(Fake Love Comeback Show 180524 at 5:11)

Fake Love (Extended Version)

Jungkook found a way to see them all again.So Jungkook went to “Magic Shop” to trade his Youth once and for all to see all the members again. Jungkook agreed and now was with the rest of the 6 members (dead) as he put on the last black hoodie cape.

WINGS Short Films Theory

134340 (WINGS Short Films)

1- Begin

3- Stigma

4- First Love

3- Stigma

4- First Love

(0) Begin —> Opposite = Finish

Wings Short Film #7 Awake Photographs

  1. Mirror of Table with writing on it? #7 (Fly Away)

First, this mirror has some writing which translates to “Fly Away” similar to their album name of Wings. WINGS #1 Jungkook’s shadows of wings, Boy Meets Evil J-Hope’s shadow wings, BS&T, V’s wings.

Image via Google

2. MAMA Painting #3, 6

Second, the MAMA painting has been found in V’s eyes when being interrogated and outside J-Hope’s little enclosed container.

3. Apple on Floor #7 (#2 Jimin Eats Apple)

Third, the apple, as we know, represents sin, and in WINGS #2, Jimin eats the apple which causes him to glitch out and suffer off camera. But in WINGS #7 Awake, Jin drops the apple instead of eating, refusing to accept the sin.

4. Piano #1, 2, 4,7

 Next, the image of a piano being set on fire is common throughout these short films.

This minor concept of a burning piano is used to signify that the piano is not in tune and can’t be fixed. But it could also mean the sign of a rebellion.

5. Crow Painting #1, 7 (#1 Jungkook has Crow symbol on Shirt)

Now, death uses the symbol of a crow, which has been shown throughout the WINGS short films.

6. Scratch Marks on Door #7

Finally, the scratch marks on Jin’s bedroom door could be related to any demonic symbolism or not, but it usually represents the feeling of being trapped and endangered.

Image via Google

The reason for these photographs could represent each of the six members of BTS, besides Jin, the one who took the photos all these years. Maybe Jin is preparing for his time travel trip to save the six members as he shown changing his clothes many times, and with these photographs is how he truly enters back into that timelines and reset the universe to save them.

1:46 Time Significance

#1 Jungkook screams “Hyung”

#2 Jimin is reaching for something on the hospital bed

#3 V got hit

#4 Suga almost got hit with a car (Car Crash Sound)

#5 RM covers his ears

#6 J-Hope wakes up

#7 Jin gets all the flower petals

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*Each vocalist and rapper and paired into two except for Jin, who always seems out of place.

Jimin & J-Hope

The Pillows

Image via Google

1:11 Jimin throws his pillow (hitting someone)

1:22 J-Hope got hit and (pillow) feathers appear


At exactly 2:15 of each video it shows either Jimin or J-Hope looking at the same painting.

Image via Google

But in WINGS #6 MAMA, Hoseok’s painting suddenly transforms into a different painting picturing a mother with her child. The painting is Frau Eva’s mother of Demian, the story of Emil Sinclair’s Youth by Hermann Hesse. Many references about the story of Demian have been made throughout the music videos of BTS.

BTS’s Blood Sweat and Tears is one example. Within the first few seconds, the camera shows Jin staring at a painting depicting warfare. This painting was discovered as The Fall of the Rebel Angels by Pieter Bruegel.

Jungkook & Suga

The Car crash

0:40 Car Crash Sound/ Alarm sound of breaking and entering

Already we have some assumptions from previous videos that Jungkook and Suga are meant to be brothers. Other theories have been going around that Jungkook has lost his memory since the car accident which is why Suga is upset and has grown cold towards everyone else around him.

V & RM

The Phone call

Taehyung called Namjoon when he needed it most, but Namjoon couldn’t pick up.

Both Taehyung and RM have a scene where broken glass appears and being trapped or unable to get in because it is trapped with cages scene too. In previous MV’s V and RM were close scoundrels together, making graffiti art together and even getting arrested together. Which is why this one important phone call that V makes connects the both of them. He could have called anyone else but he chose RM.


All around the house, the wallpaper shows many icons of Abraxas, as if he were surrounded by it or it’s guilt. Jin is the only member left without a pair, and it’s because of his regret when he had died. Now Jin is trying to get back into the real world because he has creating this world where the boys can’t even be content with each other.

First and Last Words

Boy Meets Evil “The” “Evil” — J-Hope

Blood Sweat and Tears “My” “Tears” — Jimin

Begin “When” “Again” — Jungkook

Lie “Tell” “Punished” — Jimin

Stigma “I’ve” “Please” — V

First Love “The” “Side” — Suga

Reflection “I” “Myself” — RM
Mama “Time” “Mama” — J-Hope

Awake “I’m” “More” — Jin

Lost “I’m” “Way” — Jimin

Cypher 4 “Name” “Yourself” — RM
Am I Wrong “The” “This” — RM

21 Century Girl “You” – RM/ “Scream” – Suga

Two! Three! “Been” – RM/ “It” – ALL

Wings “Take” – Jungkook/ “Fly” – Jimin & V

[The Evil My Tears When Again Tell Punished I’ve Please The Side I Myself Time Mama I’m More I’m Way Name Yourself The This You Scream Been It Take Fly]

Reinterpreted as:

[I’ve been overcome by the evil that I cry again. I’m being punished, please help me, my side, myself. In time, mom, know that I’ve become more, I’m on the way. I will name myself and this will cause you to scream. I know because I’ve been that person to take it and fly.]

Sounds very similar to the story of Icarus. As in the Blood Sweat and Tears MV, while Jungkook was on the swing, there was a painting. This painting was later uncovered as The Lament of Icarus by Herbert James Draper.

The story of Icarus from Greek Mythology talks about how a young boy and his father were trying to escape their current circumstances. Afterwards, he and the father made wings made of wax to escape. As they took off, his father always warned him not to fly to close to the sun, or the wings will melt and you will fall.

Yet, Icarus let his pride get to him as he flew closer to the sun to show everyone that he escaped. But in doing so, Icarus’ wings melted and he fell into the ocean.

Gift Exchange Magic Shop

LY Highlight Reel → (8/15/17)

Jin = red diary

Suga = cigarettes

J-Hope = (BDay) cake

Rap Monster = hair tie

Jimin = umbrella

V = (girl’s) bag

Jungkook = wheelchair/flower?

*Rap Monster’s lollipop turned into a cigarette and Yoongi’s cigarette became a lollipop

Image via Google

Tear “Fake Love Teaser” → 5/14/18

Jin = earpiece?

Suga = lollipop

J-Hope = snickers → cake

RM = broken glass → hair tie

Jimin = photograph → umbrella

V = bag

Jungkook = key

*Items from WINGS → Prologue Items (With the girls)

Ultimately, this gift exchange happened after Jin when back in time to fix his mistake from the Blood Sweat and Tears Japanese version/alternate universe. The members are trading their items from WINGS Short Films for items from the Love Yourself Highlight Reel to relive The Most Beautiful Moment in Life when they were younger.


Jin is actually the only one left alive because all the other members are the ones who are dead.

Image via Google

As the remaining BTS members Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have all previously shown their death/mistakes in old MV’s like Run and I Need U. Jin is shown many times carrying 6 white lily petals, like he is mourning over their death. In a recent Facebook upload, all the members are shown waving goodbye to the camera, all except for Jin. Because Jin knows that they’re all dead. This is one of BigHit’s clues to saying that the connection between their MV’s could be true or maybe we’re the ones trying to make a theory of everything.

Mini THEORY #3

They are all in a mental institute known as BigHit and Jin is actually a doctor, who cares and watched over them. For example, in Dope we see Jin is fully clothed Doctor’s suit and outfit. Most of the MV’s shows the other 6 members messing around while Jin carefully watches them from afar while recording them.

It’s possible that Jin is making these recordings to analyze them because they are all mentally unstable and that’s why their daily tasks and the whole universe though their eyes are weird. For instance, when we watch the WINGS short films, each separate members worlds are vibrant and have an odd atmosphere.

Image via Google

In WINGS #6 MAMA, Hoseok was diagnosed by the doctor that he had munchausen syndrome. An illness of emotional trauma during childhood.

Image via Google

Also in the prologue Jungkook was showed many times on a wheel chair, perhaps from the car accident back in Love Yourself Highlight Reel. But mostly, it features Jungkook and Yoongi almost like brothers, so we assume they’re very close as they also share clothes. But during the Highlight Reel, Yoongi always seemed discouraged because it seemed that Jungkook had lost his memory since the accident.

Next, Jimin in multiple videos such as WINGS #2, Euphoria, that he seems to hallucinate the other members there with him, when he’s actually still in the hospital.

Image via Google

Then, Taehyung killed his abusive father, which ends up causing mental problems. Therefore, the feelings inside of you such as regret, anger, guilt, and depression.

Now, Suga is constantly trying to set his house on fire, so he may have become insane and suicidal.

With all of these harmful characteristics, Jin has taken the responsibilities to care and watch over all of them.

Mini THEORY #4

Jin is always seen wearing an earpiece in multiple MV’s such as in the WINGS Short Film #7 Awake and in the Fake Love Teaser. It’s almost as if someone on the outside is constantly watching the members through Jin, telling him what to say and do.

Image via Google

Likewise, many WINGS short films, depict the members in an enclosed area or in a hospital. In these videos we are seeing the daily life of the each member through their eyes.

It’s because they are constantly being watched by an unknown source. The fear and over usage of drugs explains why each video is discomforting from the WINGS Short Films.



Thank you for reading and what do you think of these theories? Comment down below which theory was most convincing to you. 


  1. This is making me feel like that bts isn’t human like they’re someone from somewhere else
    , like they are so incredible and so I don’t even know how to explain them but meeting them is actually the best thing ever happened in my life

  2. I like your theories however you didn’t mention all the background from the Notes. It gives alot of reasons why bts are doing the things that did in the mv. Like Jin’s earpiece is actually because of his dad. His dad had always been hard on him and his dad is the reason why suga gets expelled from school.

  3. thanks for posting the theory. Now i am going through all the videos in order you gave and it really makes sense. A must for armys interested in learning theories. Thanks again

  4. It’s unbelievable 😵 it’s seems like BTS isn’t humans they’re different🤐 my mind exploded 💥

  5. OMG, I had no idea the Mad Music Video in BTS’s ‘Boy With Luv’ was actually a hint at the members’ hidden talents! 😱 I’m Officially obsessed with this theory now 💖 Thank you for breaking it down and giving us a closer look at the lyrics and visuals 👏 Keep up the amazing work! 💯

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