Why Truck Driver ran over 2,000 year old Nazca Lines

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After years of research and jumping to conclusions of many extraterrestrial creatures making them, we have peacefully left these unique designs in order.

In Peru where these Nazca lines lay strangely, these lines are yet another “so call evidence to extraterrestrial life” on Earth.

No one knows who made them, leaving them unexplainable to the public as they’re just left there calmly, until February 1.

On February 1, 2018 a truck driver runs over and damages 2,000 year old Nazca lines leaving them in perish.

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February First Scenario

As the truck driver comes rampaging in, it destroys many of these lines, leaving them in ruins.

Yet, why would someone destroy these lines as they remain a mystery till this day.

It couldn’t have been done “by accident” and it’s possible that the truck driver intended to destroy the figures.

It’s quite ridiculous as many people are still trying to find out what they could possibly be or have some hidden meaning or evidence to another intelligent species. 

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But now with them destroyed, left in perish, there arises a new bizarre topic.

Why the truck driver would destroy these ancient Nazca lines and what purpose did it serve.

Though the truck driver’s identity may remain unknown until we figure what this person was intending on doing.

For all we could know, the truck driver could be a pranker or something much more than that.

From Area 51 to Crop Circles, extraterrestrial life has always been on the mind of humans.

To be the answers to any odd or incomprehensible subject that happens.

The truck driver couldn’t have been just any pranker to ruin 2,000 year old ancient lines into dust and disaster.

This person must have some reason to wreck the lines, hopefully, unless they’re somebody who likes to mess around with ancient relics.

What are the Nazca Lines Purpose

Additionally, these historial objects have been around for many years.

Yet, we don’t know the exact year they were made, they serve a specific factor in evidence or research in the extraterrestrial life findings.

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With many variations of shapes and animals, the theories continue to spread in confusion and lack of understanding.

Many people try to figure out what purpose these lines serve as there so uncanny.

It’s as if the truck driver wanted to get rid of all of this overthinking concepts, that this person just decided to get rid of it all.

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So what do you think causes the truck driver to run over the Nazca Lines?

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