Why is BTS so popular?

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BTS, a Kpop band featuring seven members with music relating with various styles, mainly pertaining to hip-hop with synchronized dance routines since 2013

Background Info

BTS stands for Behind the scenes, jk, Bangtan Boys Sonyeondan, translating to Bulletproof Boy Scouts, but now known as Beyond the Scene since 2017.

First off, can I just say for the millionth time, they’re obviously so beautiful and hot.

With flawless faces and perpetuating skin, what could make fans go even crazier. Well, their singing and dance moves.

Although they look very similar, each member is unique in their own way.

Second, their style is new and different than anything we’ve ever seen before.

It’s definitely a new taste for Americans, a different style no other pop singer has shown us. Making them so intriguing and interesting to watch.

Third, they have a beautiful blend between Korean to English in their songs.

Speaking languages besides Korean, some English, and Japanese so far, to better communicate internationally.

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New Releases

With new releases coming up for 2018, fans are more than excited to see and hear their new comeback.

“Love Yourself” album release first half of 2018 so be ready and active

Releasing Japanese album “Face Yourself”

4/5/18 around (8AM pacific time) They recently just posted a new video “Europhia”

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A throwback to them with all seven members wearing black hair.

May 21, 2017 Billboard Music Awards beating out Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendes.

Out of 135 nomination this year 2018, BTS has won 76 awards, 33 being international awards.

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With fans called “ARMY” Adorable Representative M.C’s for Youth.

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They are very interactive with their fans and show so much love to the army. Calling us “family” and so on. 

Who are the members of BTS?

Shown from oldest to youngest member of the group.

  • Jin

  • Suga

  • J-Hope

  • RM; Rap Monster

  • Jimin

  • V

  • Jungkook


Now I don’t know any truth to these rumor, but I guess we shall just wait until the members tell us anything about the rumors.

  • BTS going back to army soon, so no more music, or going solo?
  • BTS adding a new member before comeback?
  • BTS changed their name to BTX?
  • Are the members dating anybody?


Comment down who’s your favorite BTS member and if this site has helped you if you are new to BTS.


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