The moment we have all been waiting for has finally happened!

The trailer for Wreck it Ralph 2 has just been released February 28, 2018

Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios

Everyone is talking about what the movie will be about and that it’s related to the Emoji movie.

But what some people may not realize are some hidden features in the trailer that leads to the plot of the movie

With already 2.7 million in the past 13 hours since it’s release it shows how so many fans are so excited to see the movie (including me)

Being about 6 years since the first movie came out (2012)

Hidden Features

Baby Moana

Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios
Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios

Many people already point out that the kid playing the pancake, milkshake game is in fact Baby Moana, with the very identical facial features and hairstyles.

But luckily the real Moana also appears in the movie. So we don’t need theories and other conspiracies to tell us the all Disney princesses will be in the movie.

All the Disney Princesses

Of course everyone is anticipating the iconic moment where all the Disney princesses meet each other.

Teaching Vanellope how to be a Disney princess, yet how and where does this fit into the plot

Now I know what you’re all thinking, “I don’t care if it doesn’t fit into the plot of the movie, I just came here for the Disney princess scene”.

Well, just to put it out there anyway, the anticipated scene has a small easter egg already in the trailer.

Right where a character is trying to sell a painting of the sad cat painting.

Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios

But behind Ralph and Vanellope, you see various amount of boxes similar to the one they’re looking at now but with different items. Like a frying pan (Rapunzel), a unicorn, and a magic lamp (Jasmine).

Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios

Already from the eBay store, we already have that small sneak peak of where the princesses may come into the movie.

Also according to the cast, the only princesses in the movie are Ariel-Moana, so what happened to the first three princesses?

Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora. Although their movies were around the 1940s, it probably means the voice actresses for these princesses either passed away (like Snow White and Cinderella) or can’t portray that same high pitch voice as they used to.

Car’s Van

Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios
Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios

Furthermore, the mint, white van in the parking lot looks like the van from Pixar’s Cars Movie.

Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios

This could be one Easter egg from the trailer but the van isn’t exactly the same. But theories say that obviously there will be many easter eggs in the movie, but maybe more related to the princesses. 

The Villains

Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios
Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios
Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios

Additionally, do you remember the bad guys? The one from the villain meet with Ralph in the first movie are also seen in the second movie, maybe to have yet another “bad guy” meet

Maybe this could be the beginning scene of the movie where he feeders himself that he actually enjoys being the bad guy after everything that happened in the first movie

Svry’s Birthday

Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios

The “HAPPY BRTHDAY 5th SVRY” from the first movie, appears again in the trailer for the second movie but this time it’s “HAPPY BRTHDAY 11th SVRY”

Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios

We have not met this Svry yet? Or maybe we did, she could be just another character who plays videos in the arcade or an Easter egg

Square Head Shaped People?

Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios

Also as we see multiple times in the trailer, in the “internet world” there are these square head shaped humans, which could be us? Maybe in a virtual world or could be avatars of the internet like in video games


With lots of speculations, this “internet world” is a very similar plot so far from the Emoji movie, although we know Disney can’t fail us

So what will Wreck it Ralph 2 be about?

Besides entering the unknown world of the internet, what else could the movie have in store for us

Say Goodbye to Video Games

Well so far the movie has resembled the present day world we’re in right now. I mean people barely to arcades anymore to play those old games that were a part of our childhood. Now most kids just play on their iPad like the young girl in the car seat.

Mobile Games instead of Video Games

Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios

And will they still talk about video games, but maybe more or mobile games like we saw in the trailer. Maybe Ralph and Vanellope could play the Wii.

Internet References

Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios
Image via Google/Disney Animation Studios

What other internet references will they make? So far we’ve seen YouTube Red, Travel Advisor, eBay, and National Geographic’s. But maybe these two characters will also enter the world of social media. Which is pretty daunting. But it would be funny to see Ralph and Vanellope explore the media like Instagram, Snapchat, etc.


So what did you think about the trailers and did you agree with the theories? What hidden clues surprised you the most? Tell me down below in the comments


  1. I have a theory that this entire movie is about a dad daughter relationship, in this case the dad (ralph) is used to always having daughter around and isn’t ready to let go, I think this mostly because the end scene where not only does shank say “good dad joke” but also just how he calls her kid, the cookie necklace says my hero, and there goodbye sounded like a kid going off to college scenario.

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