Hi! Welcome to my very first blog. My name is Rachel Liu, but you may also know me by my blog name “mad meanings”.

Most of you guys are probably new to the my website and know nothing about me, but if you’re from the future, oh my, I think you just discovered time travel!

Anyway, before I started blogging I attended school like any other kid. I’ve always had a passion for the arts, but I also enjoy sports such as swimming and soccer. But throughout my life, I’ve been moving all over the place, I’ve even lived in a separate country for about 2 years and that really helped boost my confianza. (It’s Spanish for confidence)

So I do enjoy many things like traveling and always learning new things everyday.

Although I do have this ambitious towards helping the environment because to me, giving back to the world is extremely important. For instance besides charities, trying to find solutions within bigger problems can help many people as well.

Untitled drawing

So enough about me, why are you here you might ask. Well I talk about how current trends seem to be boosting in a huge number of views and why it might happen. As well as finding ways to entertain, inspire, and make you laugh when coming onto my page. Cause this is gonna be one heck of a ride.

I find hidden meanings amongst viral videos which is also known as CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

Ha! Yeah, I’m one of those websites.

But if you do continue to go see many of my others blog posts in the future, hopefully they will make your day happier.

So now you might be asking, or not, who am I writing for. Well it’s gonna sound cheesy, but it’s for you guys. The ones who read my blogs and look forward to reading more of them. I want that every single person who ever comes onto my blogs to feel understood and always welcomed.

Just kidding, it’s for myself, duh! Okay, okay, I’m going to stop now. But I do care about anybody who ever comes onto my site and I want to help many of you guys out there to feel appreciated at all times

I do support comments and anybody could contact me for any feedback, ask any questions, give suggestions, or anything at all. Also don’t be afraid to encourage disagreements and feel free to share anything you’d feel comfortable with me.

So my goals for this blog is to hopefully be seen by many of you as an inspiration to achieve your own goals. But as well as being a website that can help many people continue to enjoy reading my blogs, to share them, and have a good laugh.


What suggestions do you have for future blogs, and please like, comment, share, and subscribe, oh wait that’s youtube…

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